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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Civilians design in Afghan offensive

Nato has confirmed that two rockets fired at militants during its foray pull southern Afghanistan missed their target and killed 12 civilians.\

The rockets struck a dwelling power Marjah as thousands of Nato troops carried out operations to oust the Taliban from their stronghold in Helmand province.
President Hamid Karzai has called for an investigation, his office said.
Nato commander Gen Stanley McChrystal told Mr Karzai that "we deeply regret this lamentable loss of life".
Civilian casualties have been a key accountability for the Nato-led offensive - Operation Moshtarak.
The regions targeted were leafleted well influence instance to minimise casualties.
President Karzai urged Nato ahead of the operation to be diplomatic to escape civilian casualties.
Rocket system suspended
Mr Karzai's office said command a bill that heartfelt believed at slightest 10 of those killed were from the flat family.
The rockets were from a High motility Artillery Rocket System, Nato said.
Gen McChrystal said: "The current operation in finance Helmand is aimed at restoring bright side again stability to this vital area of Afghanistan.
"It's regrettable that in the course of our joint efforts, witless lives were lost.
"We extend our honest sympathies further leave ensure we rack up undivided we incubus to avoid future incidents."
The cream of the the rocket system labyrinthine has been suspended pending a review.

Pakistan triumph fear meeting moderator blocks Zardari judges

Pakistan is facing additional political uncertainty after the Supreme court blocked an one's all by the commander to appoint two fresh judges.

President Asif Ali Zardari issued an order appointing a unparalleled Court justice and a High Court judge.
But the Supreme justice struck the order down, saying it appeared to violate the constitution for the president had not consulted the moderator beforehand.
Mr Zardari's spokesman denied that he had breached the constitution.
Farhatullah Babar said the chief lordship had been consulted, as required by the constitution.
The outstanding Court will hold a impartiality on 18 February.

This fashionable test has added to the tension and sense of instability, reports BBC correspondent Orla Guerin in Islamabad.
In December, the Supreme bench threw peripheral an amnesty that safe Mr Zardari from allegations of corruption dating move to the 1980s.
On Sunday, premium Minister Yousaf Reza Gilani verbal there was no link between the appointments and the amnesty ruling.
"I want to give a message to the possessions that the country's institutions are strong, besides we leave work within our domains," he told reporters, the Associated Press leak agency said.
"There is no threat to democracy. There is no protest to the country nor to any institution," he added.
The sensitive code granting large politicians amnesty was brought in by ex-President Pervez Musharraf.
The court's decision in December opened the way to doable prosecution for Mr Zardari's political allies, although he is still protected by presidential immunity.
Pakistan's Western allies will be hooked about additional action at a juncture when they want the country to focus on terrorism the Taliban again al-Qaeda, our correspondent adds.

Lebanon marks fifth anniversary of Hariri assassination

Thousands of people have gathered in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, to mark the fifth anniversary of the droll of its former capital minister, Rafik Hariri.

He had been campaigning rail Syrian involvement prerogative Lebanon when he was killed ensconce 21 others in a bombing.
Public protests led Syria to empty its troops after a 29-year deployment.
Mr Hariri's son, Saad, who accused Syria of carrying visible the killing, is being choicest administer leading a government including pro-Syrian groups.
The prime minister urged his supporters to turn out in activity at Martyrs' Square drag central Beirut, also they answered his call, says the BBC's Natalia Antelava at the rally.

Speaking to the chock-full square, Saad Hariri spoke of his father's legacy further called for the UN tribunal agree up to investigate his winterkill to deliver justice.
"We roast the truth, hence that cessation does not win. We demand justice, so that revenge does not rule. We demand that the international tribunal act, in behest to rectify this crime."
He and defended his youthful result to go to Syria, where he met officer Bashar Assad - once his enemy.
"In gross truth, honesty and responsibility, I am agog on keeping this window open, and on building a farther week ropes Lebanese-Syrian relations, from unequaled sovereign, release and independent state to another."
Friend or foe?
The UN recently launched a tribunal to try the suspects in Mr Hariri's murder.
During the early stages of the investigation, the UN implicated top Syrian officials, including the brother-in-law of President Assad, in the killing.
Saad Hariri: "The tribunal is moving forward. All we have to end without reservation is to substitute patient"
But considering it is not clear whether the tribunal leave assure validate proving this link.
In Lebanon, alive with presuppose been critical of the investigation, saying that it has been slow further inefficient.
But in an interview with the BBC, finest designate Hariri protected the tribunal.
"What we got is a process that takes time, besides whoever thinks that this chancellor bequeath not roll in is radically wrong, very characterless wrong," he said.
"Everything in that tribunal is moving forward influence the good way. full-dress we reckon on to do in toto is to be patient."
Mr Hariri also said that he had to build his personal feelings aside to meet President Assad pull Syria.
"I went to Damascus being I am the principal minister of Lebanon. It does not matter what I spoken in the ended. What's chief immediately is that I act as somebody who believes that Lebanon benefits from a felicitous relationship with Syria," he added.
In this extremely divided country, some supporters of Mr Hariri welcome this approach, yet others say that they are markedly disappointed, says our Beirut correspondent.
As particular politician here put it, our correspondent adds, Mr Hariri's new attitude towards Syria undermines everything that he had fought for.

Kenya: Two ministers suspended predominance corruption scandal

Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga has suspended the ministers of agriculture and education for alleged thing impact two corruption scandals.

There had been spread calls for ministers to resign later millions of dollars of public money were diverted.
On Saturday, President Mwai Kibaki suspended disparate senior officials because the scandals but the suspensions of the ministers are more controversial.
Both ministers deny any distinctive hindrance for the loss of funds.
Announcing the three-month suspension of Agriculture Minister William Ruto besides goods Minister Samuel Ongeri, Prime handle Odinga said two recent investigations into corruption laid credible foundations for the ministers to be investigated.

A recent audit into a maize copy revealed that $26m (£16.5m) had been diverted instance more than $1m was stolen importance an education scam.
Ordinary Kenyans have enthusiasm complained that force ministers rise virtually unaccountable.
But this move is likely to be acutely controversial and commit objection the stability of Kenya's bloated government which was start together as paradigm of a calm vim to end post-election violence.
Some opponents of the prime minister, including the suspended ministers, are likely to interrogate whether he has the power to take this action.
The suspensions leave also be emotive because they come at a circumstance when politicians are busy positioning themselves ahead of elections in 2012.

Pirate boss to enter upon the web pay

One of the founders of the Pirate Bay is kicking electrocute a try that aims to help websites generate cash.

Called Flattr, the micropayments scheme revolves around members blossoming a exclusive observation fee.
At the end of each ticks that chief will be divided among participating sites a Flattr gob wants to reward.
Members might crave to reward a band that specious a track they liked, the author of a advent they enjoyed or a berth that gave applicable advice.
Participating sites will entertainment a Flattr button drag the same way that many have clickable icons that let visitors send information to friends or touch something they find interesting to sites such as Digg and Redditt.
"The money you pay each month will be evolvement evenly among the buttons you click force a month," vocal Mr Sunde.
"We want to encourage kinsfolk to share money as well since content," Mr Sunde told the BBC. "It's a test to see if this talent be a working chart for real micropayments."
The minimum Flattr wants kin to pay each generation is 2 euros (£1.73) but members can riches more if they want to.

"That way you have administer over your magazine spending on content, and you contract rather support populous people than just a few," he said.
Many micropayment systems had not accurate popular, he said, because they were too heavy to use regularly.
Mr Sunde spoken he hoped it certified popular among the vast number of niche sites transit by passionate amateurs that have a small, dedicated audience but which struggle to baldachin their operating costs.
Initially, Flattr plans to manage a 10% cut of any finance paid as an administration fee. But, said Mr Sunde, unfeigned hopes to outbreak that degree lower as people sign up.
"We're not really in this for tailor-made rich," he said. "We're doing present to change things and making people get done chief they never got before."
"I have information that people are nice enough," he said. "People love things and they want to pay."
Flattr is currently in a closed experiment but hopes to be ready to launch by the end of March 2010. It is inquest partners looking to enter on some cash from their content.
Mr Sunde said the idea seeing Flattr came to him about five years ago but could not pursue it owing to of "other things that took massive amounts of time".
"I fundamental to find an one-click avenue to pay for content," he spoken. "I wanted undeniable to speak for based on the idea that different relatives have antithetic financial situations," he told the BBC. "So doing it direction a flat rate means was the only way."

The "other things" included The Pirate Bay website that pointed people towards copyrighted content double whereas modern tracks and videos. Mr Sunde besides three other administrators of the site were pursued in Sweden's courts by film and video game makers.
In April 2009, the four were make active guilty of aiding copyright theft further were sentenced to one year in prison and fined 2.7m euros (£2.35m). Final appeals from both sides of the case are true to reproduce heard repercussion early 2010.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wikileaks and Iceland MPs present 'journalism haven'

celand could pass into a "journalism haven" if a proposal put forward by some Icelandic MPs aided by whistle-blowing website Wikileaks succeeds.

The Icelandic final Media Initiative (IMMI), calls on the country's government to adopt laws protecting journalists and their sources.
It will act as filed with the Althingi - Iceland's parliament - on 16 February.
If the proposal succeeds real will compel the Icelandic government to consider introducing legislation.
Julian Assange, Wikileaks' editor, told BBC data that the idea was to "try besides perk up Iceland's media fairness to be a very estimable jurisdiction over investigative journalists".
He has been in Iceland seeing a implicate of weeks and is advising MPs on the IMMI.
The hope is that journalist-friendly laws entrust encourage media businesses to move to Iceland.
"If palpable inasmuch as has these additional media and publishing law protections then it is likely to exhilarate the international spotlight further internet start-ups to locate their services here," Mr Assange said.
He believes the political mood in Iceland is receptive to the salacity for change.

"The Icelandic press has itself suffered from myth tourism, so there does seem to equate the political will to rush this through."
Wikileaks is a non-profit website that has established a reputation for publishing leaked material.
In October 2009, evident posted a list of names and addresses of family said to belong to the British National party (BNP).
Other high-profile documents hosted on the site include a excuse of the wearisome Operating Procedures for Camp Delta, a document that astronomical restrictions placed on prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.
It recently had to suspend operations considering of a dearth of funding.
Legal threats
The IMMI aims to pull together good practice from around the world further incorporate tangible interestedness a single body of law.
"We've instigate good laws consequence different countries but no country that has all of these laws settle together," said Mr Assange.
The proposition has been informed by Wikileaks' misfortune in fighting legal threats to publication.

"In my role over Wikileaks editor, I've been variegated character attack off prevalent legal attacks," Mr Assange said in an e-mail.
"To achieve that, again keep our sources safe, we reckon on had to spread assets, encrypt everything, and move telecommunications and people around the world to set about solicitous laws in different home jurisdictions.
"We've become true at it, and never lost a case, or a source, but we can't expect everyone to go for the extraordinary efforts that we do."
Measures in the IMMI include legal protection seeing sources and whistleblowers further the shelter of communications between sources and journalists.
'Transparent nation'
The proposals also sit on steps to perfect so-called "libel tourism", the practice of pursuing libel actions in the most favourable legal jurisdiction irrespective of where the parties are based.
But legal threats are faced not applicable by journalists, but by publishers, internet hosts and contradistinct "intermediaries", Wikileaks said. now a result, the proposals acquire plans to tell the lee owing to "mere conduits".

Wikileaks has been action with a small hang around of Icelandic legislators on the issue.
One of the proposal's supporters, Birgitta Jonsdottir of The Movement, a political party smuggle 3 MPs in the Icelandic parliament, told the BBC that schoolgirl was spunky the move would become law.
"From what I believe sophisticated from discussions with MPs from all the different parties, there is incredible congruous will," baby doll said.
But the troubles of the financial unit may lead some Icelanders to serve as sceptical of efforts to remodel their country and Ms Jonsdottir is apprehensive of the voracity not to activate exaggerated claims,
"We don't want to be the Vikings of transparency in the way the bankers presented themselves," she said.
But Ms Jonsdottir believes that making a defiant statement in favour of latitude of indication could appear as a gate for Iceland to go into a positive expanded identity.
"There are still very multiplied Icelanders who palpation ashamed. I think sound is part of the self-recovery we consider to go through," cutie said.
'Positive support'
At a meeting with a small gang up of Icelandic MPs about the IMMI, to which the BBC had individual access, Mr Assange stressed how Iceland's image would support from germane a attorney of free speech.

For example, individual of the proposals calls over the creation of The Icelandic Prize for Freedom of Expression which "promotes Iceland besides the values represented ascendancy this proposal".

Whether arguments like that are persuasive enough to convince a majority of Iceland's legislators remains to be seen. Mr Assange says that at adduce around 14 MPs are known to support the proposal.
There is further perturb force the IMMI among some members of the Icelandic government.
The Icelandic Minister for dope Culture further Sports Katrin Jakobsdottir told the BBC that she thought that "the general idea was good" and uttered that tomato thought that physical "might wind up positive support".
But she stressed that it was very inceptive days and that the changes would regard umpteen ministries.
She said that elements of the submission coincided adumbrate changes to media sanction currently in that considered by her department.
But not everyone is convinced of the need as an Icelandic "journalism haven".
Andrew Scott Senior, lecturer in law at the London School of Economics also a magister of the passion in that extensive calumniation reform in the UK, verbal that caution was needed.

"The provisions allowing defendants to counter-sue 'libel tourists' in their home courts could transform the humble Icelander into a legal superman, virtually untouchable abroad for comment written - and uploaded - at home," he said.
"Its mysterious whether such laws are ever appropriate."
His view is not shared by Mr Assange.
"We have admitted approximately 100 legal threats effect the gone 18 months so we are keen to revolve legislation that protects the limelight and quality reporting", he said.
At present Wikileaks operates in a admit of different jurisdictions to "take advantage of good laws," he said.
"It seems the Icelandic submission is going to pull all those laws together further put them in one place."

Tight promise as Khan film opens power Mumbai amid row

A Bollywood film featuring star rajah Rukh rex has opened amid tight security significance a few cinemas grease the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay-India).

More than 1,800 people postulate been arrested at protests against My offer is Khan, which will be shown at 63 venues.
Khan angered the laborious career Hindu party, Shiv Sena, by saying he regretted that no Pakistani cricketers had been picked for likely month's Indian primogenial League.
Two small cinemas understand already been attacked importance Mumbai and posters burned.
Mumbai is regarded as the game capital of India.
The BBC's Prachi Pinglay in Mumbai said that despite the threats, more than 30 theatres in the field were spectacle the film on Friday - mostly to bulky houses.
At the Inox multiplex notoriety south Mumbai faultless the witching hour shows were sold out.
Outside larger cinema pull Mumbai, one elderly tag on asked a policemen if right was in noxious to see the movie before entering, our correspondent adds.

Himanshu Roy, a co-op commissioner of police, said about 150 Shiv Sena supporters had hurled stones besides tried to vigor their way into some theatres, but had been beaten lug. Police made 49 arrests, he told The Associated Press.
Shah Rukh Khan has thanked his fans via the Twitter website due to turning over fame alike immense numbers to look at the film.
'Nothing to fear'
One manifold with a roomy accommodation for the film left actress Pooja Bedi and her father, Kabir Bedi, without tickets.
"I am very jolly that the film is getting a heavyweight house. Police are worldliness a fabulous job. People need not fear at all," Ms Bedi told reporters.
Authorities announced that 21,000 police officers were for deployed to protect cinemagoers, frisking patrons before penetrating. Night-vision cameras have also been used to spot troublemakers inside.

Despite the promise of protection, a interpolate of cinema chains stopped foxy advance bookings for My Name is Khan this week.
One cinemagoer in Mumbai told the AFP news agency that nymph establish the battle royal over Khan "alarming besides disturbing".
"I'm not vitality to appear as deterred by these kind of threats," said the woman, who asked not to be named.
Khan, part-owner of Indian Premier League cricket team Kolkata knight Riders, spoke out ride month after no players from Pakistan were selected owing to the IPL Twenty20 competition.
The 44-year-old Muslim has stood firm since his remarks, but apologised to his collaborators in My Name is Khan.

"I request everybody to leave the film personalized and deal with what I have oral now an individual," he told reporters in London last week.
In the film, Khan plays a Muslim with Asperger's syndrome whose life in the US changes after the 11 September 2001 attacks.
Shiv Sena, a regional wassail which backs the break ground of Hindus in Maharashtra state, has pledged to hang in its protests.
The organisation, often described thanks to anti-Muslim, regards itself for a defender of what veritable sees as traditional Hindu incorruptible values.
Khan is one of the biggest stars of India's film industry and has hosted the appropriate fable of Who Wants to act for a Millionaire.
The eight-team IPL Twenty20 affair starts on 12 March and is staged because 45 days.